1. With full-lifecycle (EPCM) services from concept through to Turnover, 3PTech provides practical and accurate solutions to deliver capital Programs and Projects.
  2. 3PTech is a group of leaders and professionals who are dedicated to planning, designing and creating the most innovative and economical solutions for our business partners.
  3. Whether a project is new or in rehabilitation, large or small, in its early stages or nearing completion, we are invested and determined to deliver the best quality solutions.
  4. At 3P Tech, we believe in the value of shared knowledge. Our teams of experts across the world are well connected, well-acquainted and up to date on the implementation of latest technologies around the globe.
  5. Our team members across take stewardship of the success of all our client’s projects and share the cost which in turn allows us to advance the level of our work and minimize our expenses. With our operations in Alberta, our vision is to expand from province of Alberta to across Canada.

Board of Director

There are situations when we find ourselves stuck and there is no positive way out from the situation, but we believe that such instances also provide us opportunity to sit back and think on the circumstances and change the perspective on things we have been doing. We fear taking risks and for failures, hence accept traditional ways/approach for its acceptance in the society and success rate in the past.

Recent COVID-19 Pandemic situation is one of those situations. During COVID- 19, whole world and businesses were shaken and are going through a very tough financial crisis because of the risks which were never considered before.

This Pandemic redefined life with certain restrictions as a new normal, it has changed the definitions of living and staying safe, meeting and conversing with people and doing everyday jobs. It made people and businesses to consider and adopt the changes which are essential to contemplate the security of people, property, and information along with their health and safety.

Considering these factors 3P Tech has redefined its approach and adopted the changes which envisions towards the health and safety of the community as paramount for the success of its projects and the company itself.

Our goal is to achieve new heights in the engineering, construction and project services Industry by collaborative and work sharing principles and paying back to the society.

Established in mid-2016, the company has been successfully progressing and gaining its business experience in the project management, engineering and construction industry.

At present armed with more than 18 years of business experience in this sector, we are proud to deliver Program and Project Management, Engineering, Technology, Execution and Project Services for diverse industry sectors. Our core strength is providing a Professional, Progressive and Proactive (3Ps) approach to benefit our clients/business and the society we live.

3P Tech is ready to engage with Public and Private sector clients in the Transportation & Infrastructure, Industrial & Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and Buildings & Facilities sectors. With full-lifecycle consulting services, 3ptech provides scalable solutions to deliver capital programs and projects and with our comprehensive range of technical, engineering, Construction and project management services, we are enthusiastically building and nurturing long-term relationships with our business partners/clients, employees and the communities we live.

3P Tech is an excellent choice for all your engineering, construction and project service’s needs. We partner with clients from different industries, delivering a robust solution that's within the budget. Our goal is to provide program and Project Management, Engineering, Technology, Execution and Project Services of the highest quality at affordable pricing. With our extensive network of professionals across the globe 3P Tech is ready and qualified to respond your needs 24/7.

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Our Mission!


Focus and engage to develop communities that are safe, inclusive and resilient.


Our mission is to enhance the lives of people in our society by developing and nurturing sustainable and environmentally responsible engineering and construction practices for building the projects

Our Vision!


Our vision is to be one-stop shop of solution to all the Project and Construction Management services.


Continue delivering Projects with functional and economical Project Management, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services from concept through to Turnover to advance our clients and improve quality, safety, mobility and the world around us.

Core Values!


Develop foundation of honesty and trust, Integrity at all times.


Provide Best Quality and Cost-efficient Services.


Our Motto “Safety First” reflects in all our procedures and practices. Committed towards safe and healthy environment for the advancement of the society.


Focus and apply innovations to benefit clients and the community.

Environmental Responsibility

Promoting and implementing sustainable practices and solutions improving environment and community.


Quick Adaptation of the Changing needs


Focus and Implement Culture of diversity

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

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